Hair Color

Re-touch; This is a one process color done to maintain and blend the new growth with your pre-existent color. ($55+)

Pm Shines; Our demi-permanent color that adds a translucent tone to enhance, intensify, or neutralize hair color with condition and shine. A great option for someone that is nervous about changing their hair or if they like to change it often. ($60+)

All over color; Receive a professional permanent hair color service performed by one of our experts to cover gray or to lighten or darken your natural hair color. This process includes an all over color application from roots to ends. ($75+)

Highlights ; The perfect complement to your taste and style. It can be used for varying effects such as to maintain your existing highlights or to add more highlights to brighten up your color. ($80+)

-Highlights and Lowlights; Shimmering shine… All out glamour! Whether you are looking for a modest color enhancement or a dramatic color statement, we have mastered the art of highlighting hair. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! ($85+)

Ombre/color melt; One of the biggest trends right now, that features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually lightening at the ends ($90+)

Balayage; A free-hand painted technique to create soft, natural looking highlights that look more modern than traditional coloring methods. ($95+)

Vivids; If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and make a bold statement, then a vivid is for you. Whether it’s as colorful as the rainbow, bright like the early sunrise, or rich like the deep blue sea, we can do it all!
Sometimes with these highly – pigmented colors, your hair needs to be at a certain light level.
With that being said prices will vary, so it’s always recommended to set up a consultation with one our stylists prior to the vivid service.

Color Correction; we’ve all been in a position where we needed to completely undo what was done. After listening to your story and thoughts, we’ll suggest a way to restore your hairs health and beauty. ($125+)

** Note all (+) with prices are subject to increase if more bowls of color are added on, as well as other services.
Also your desired result may not fit into one of these categories so price could change when consultation comes into place.