Waxing & Additional Services

Waxing & Additional Services

-Brow Arch ($12)

-Upper lip ($8)

-Under Chin ($8)

Eyebrow tinting; We color your eyebrows to how you desire them ($15)

Eyelash tinting; Sometimes our lashes need to be more bold and are just to light, this is perfect for darkening them up ($25)

-Deep Conditioning Under dryer; This service is great for hair that needs more moisture. After your T3 wash house experience we apply one of our products best suited for your hair, placing you under the dryer will lift your hair cuticles, allowing all the good stuff to be absorbed into your strands. ($15+)

Deep conditioning with steam towel; this is best for hair type that is really dry and is prone to damage, using moist heat can bring relief. ($10 +)

-Hydrotriplex treatment; This treatment deeply penetrates to hydrate, bind, and seal the hair with rich moisturizing ingredients. It’s proven to make dry, frizzy hair 82% softer and more manageable with a rich, concentrated blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins, and nourishing oils. ($25+)

-Keratriplex treatment; This treatment is proven to reduce breakage by 80% with Isolated proteins that are virtually identical to the Keratin found on human hair. Also using keratin intensive treatment will help hydrate and add healthy, silky shine to your hair ($25+)

** Ask your stylist which treatment is best for you

-Makeup; Our hairdressers are highly trained individuals and offer and extensive consultation at every visit. No matter what your personal makeup preference, we are sure to give you the beautiful you deserve. ($25 adding eyelashes is $10 extra, you are welcome to bring your own)